1. The moment that I realized that I completely understand every title and aspect combination is the same moment that I realized my life has no meaning.

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    I just made the dorkiest thing. But I have no regrets.

    God, I just, love you so much freya

    Nick of time

    uhm wow i thought hawkeye was gman for a second wtf.

    Hello, I’m Kyle with a translation of these titles.

    Thieves steal the left over of their aspect in their session, sometimes to the point to where it’s unbalanced. Vriska did this and it led to the rise of Jack Noir and Meenah did this and THEY ALL DIE. A Thief of Mind would steal the intellect of their enemies and, most importantly, their team mates to use as they see fit.

    Knights are worried about their friends and protect them at all cost. Dave does this by jumping back in time to correct a paradox that would mean he would die, but he cheats and becomes Davesprite. Karkat does this by forcing his entire session to get along and realize that the true objective of the game isn’t to beat the other team but to help each other towards the final goal. A Knight of Heart would play on the emotions and desires of their team mates to bring them closer together.

    An Heir is concerned with themselves and their own safety. Vriska leads John to his quest bed after he “does the windy thing” because she knows that he is more than capable of protecting himself, he did just tap into some god powers to save his backside. Although there isn’t much to go on for Equius, we can observe the fact that he ultimately failed to ascend due to his inability to protect himself when confronted with the obstacle of facing hierarchy (IE. He couldn’t face Gamzee because he was higher on the hemospectrum.) An Heir of Space would use the power of space to ensure their own safety. 

    Rogues allow others to steal, simply. Nepeta failed to fulfill her role as the Rogue in the sense that she focused more on shipping them from the sidelines than actually helping anyone get together. And in regards to Roxy there is some hints like her friends having trouble getting in touch with each other because of her but not much to elaborately detail. A Rogue of Blood would allow others to steal allies. Wow, I didn’t realize how well this went with her until just now.

    The Nick of Time is a joke title and there is nothing to analyze here. 

    Seers are able to see into their aspect. As Seer of Mind, Terezi can see the thought processes of others and their choices. As the Seer of Light, Rose is able to see what will bring her allies fortune. A Seer of Void is able to see into the disguises and stealth of others.

    A Mage is able to see into their aspect as well. The difference being that MAges see into themselves. As the Mage, Sollux was able to see the inevitability of his own death. A Mage of Rage is able to see their exact tipping points or what ticks them off to the point that they turn into a giant green rage monster.

    Princes are the conquerer, as uU has mentioned, the conquerer and destroy their aspects. As the Prince, Eridan tried to destroy the only hope his race had of survival but ultimately failed. A Prince of Doom would have the ability to destroy the inevitable. Wowowowowowow, I really like these.

    As Jake’s subconscious Dirk has told us, the Page is full of untapped potential and their main focus is to tap into that. Once they’ve done so, there are very few limits to what they can do. As the untapped Page Tavros was s’posed to overcome all obstacles in the way of his confidence issues, ultimately failing…miserably. A Page of Hope is challenged with the obstacle of accepting even the most obscure of details (which I want to add that Jake is FAILING AT so very beyond miserably that it’s hurting me physically. I have a literal pain in my shoulder from his failure as the Page of Hope.)

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